Terminal 5


Terminal 5(formerly TWA Terminal)

Terminal 5 is sculpted as a symbol of flight, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962.

Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aer Lingus (800) 474-7424 EI
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA


- All Departures

- International Arrivals (5:00 AM - 10:30 PM)

(800) 538-2583 B6



Yes, you will be arriving at T5.
1.) Use the one at T1.
2.) 15-20 min maximum.
3.) Airtrain on track 2.
4.) As far as I know Jet Blue does not have baggage transfer agreements with Austrian Airlines. Double check that with Jet Blue personnel at BTV.

I am landing in Terminal 4 from Dublin, then making a connecting flight to Charlotte in Terminal 5. I have only a 2 hour layover starting at 7:45 p.m. Will this be enough time to go through customs, switch terminals, and go through security again?

Yes, that is enough as long as Dublin flight is on time.

I am flying with JetBlue to Pittsburgh tomorrow, june 10th, but it says that terminal 5 is closed.. From which terminal will the flight be departing?

The old Terminal 5 is closed. The new one(Jet Blue) is open.

Will taxi drivers know the difference between the old terminal 5 (closed) and new one (JetBkue, Open)? what do I tell the taxi driver so he drops me off at the right terminal-5 which is open (JetBlue)?

They all know. Besides that there is no access to the old terminal 5 .

I am flying into JFK this Wednesday, June 9, 2010 on JetBlue. I have 55 minutes to catch a connecting flight (US city NOT International). Will I have enough time?


Let me clarify my original inquiry. I am flying JetBlue and have a connecting flight (JetBlue) at JFK. The layover is 55 minutes. Will I have enough time to catch my connecting flight to Syracuse?

You should be fine - no need to change terminals and no hassle going through security.

Excellent!!! I have read some awesome reviews on Terminal 5.

Folks love the new Terminal 5 at JFK. This is very good to know because we have a much longer layover on our way home and from what I have read -- we should enjoy our layover time at Terminal 5! :)

Thank you JFK / JetBlue!!! ♥

I will arrive at JFK at 1:50pm at Terminal 5 (Jet Blue). Then I need go to Terminal 1 to catch China Eastern flight at 16:35pm. My questions are:

1. Which airtrain I should take and where?
2. Can I check in my luggage at Terminal 5 or I have to take them with me and check in at Terminal 1. I have two small kids and 70 years old mother with me.

Thank you!!!

1. Take Airtrain on the third floor of T5, on track 2.
2. Double check that with Jet Blue.


On Monday, I am arriving to JFK on a JetBlue flight from Charlotte at 8:06am and connecting to another JetBlue flight in Terminal 5 to Barbados at 9:00am. At what terminal will my flight from Charlotte arrive? Will I have time to make my connection?

Thanks so much!

Everything will take place at T5 - arriving from Charlotte and departing to Barbados. You will have time as long as the inbound flight is not very late.


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