There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444



What's the best way to get from Terminal 9 to Terminal 4 at JFK? Do I have take any shuttle? Thanks.

i am travelling alone with my 20 month child and am reaching JFK after a long 18 hrs flight, and then have a hault of 7 hours before i board my next flight, what should i do? is there any lounge which i can use with my child to rest or a kids area. Kindly help me if anyone has any info on this. I will be at terminal 4.

Why you do not have a map of entire airport terminals?

We will have a stop over at JFK, as we travel from CA to Sapin. My 2.5 year old daughter will be with us--are there family areas or kid friendly areas in JFK? (Near Delta terminal). Advice on traveling with this age group also welcome. tips on getting thsoe coveted bulkhead seats?

It is my understanding that the phones for, and shuttles to ,area hotels is at Terminal C. I'm a bit confused since the terminals are numbered not lettered. Does terminal C=3? Thanks for the help!

HI! I just want to know what Terminal Number is (NWA) Northwest Airlines? I would appreciate any information.

Terminal 4

My wife and kids and traveling on Emirates from Dubai to JFK. Then they have a connecting flight from JFK to Buffalo.

Can someone tell me if there are baggage service right outside the customs where the baggage can be checked-in for the JFK to Buffalo flight without going from one terminal to the other (I believe they have to change T3 to T4). It is will real hassle to carry all the luggage with kids from terminal to terminal..


There is a transfer desk at Terminal 4 right after customs. She will need to take a monorail to T3 which is free and easy one stop away.

i'm coming from Moscow by Aeroflot and have connection flight to FLL (Florida) with Jet Blue. could u please tell me know which terminal Aeroflot is flying and which - Jet Blue

I will be flying into terminal 4 and then need to catch a connecting flight at terminal 6 can you tell me the procedure for this, do you have a shuttle between terminals or can you walk?

My daughter flies to europe with delta and we fly to miami with AA four hours earlier.
Is it easily possible to move from one terminal to another?


I'm wanting to know how much time I'll need to fly into terminal 7 or 8 from Canada, go through customs immigration upon arrival and get to terminal 4 for check in for a flight to London?
Can anyone tell me?
I'm trying to book flights and am totally uncertain.
I'm afraid I do not travel much...sad really.

what terminal is cayman airways

my friend left her booking till late so she cannot get an hotel room before she is picked up by her in-laws. what are the options open to her


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