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Swiss arrives at JFK, from ZRH, (AA flight #65)@ 1:40pm Terminal 8
Departure to SFO (AA flight #85)@ 2:55pm Terminal 8
Do we pass through the immigration?
If yes, are 75minutes enough time?
Thanks for answer.

To masi: I' m taking the same flights on Sunday. Do you already know more about the stop in NY? So wether 75 min are enough to make it through the immigration or wether we do not have to pass through the immigration at JFK?
I really would appreciate an answer!

It does not take 5 hours. He may be being held up... This is tricky, I'd call the embassy to see if they've been contacted.

How long does it take to get through customs? I have a friend from Ghana, Africa that landed 5 hours agao, and still have not heard from her..Thanks Lindy

Hello, I would like to know how do I get from terminal 4 to terminal 8.
I there a meeting point at terminal 8, or a place easy to find?. ¿How long it takes from one terminal to the other?
Thank a lot.

If arriving Terminal 3 to connect with an international flight out of Terminal 4, will passenger have to go through security again?

May a traveller arriving on a late night flight stay in the airport until the departure time for an early morning flight?

my parents have come to JFK from BOM (Bombay-India)
their flight Has arrived but there is no contact yet so i need to know their status
pl. help
Flight : DL17
Career : Delta Airlines
Arrival Time : 22nd July 08 8.00 am (landed 1 hour late)



2 Senior Citziens that are arrivig for firt time the US to JFK on Emirates @ 7:45 AM - Terminal 4, and connecting to St. Louise on Delta @ 11:29 AM Terminal 3

will the time be enough? to connect

should they do their homeland security regitration in JFK or in St Louis ?

Time is plenty, even if they don't speak English.

We arrive at JFK Airpot 13.35 November 23rd.We need to obtain at marriage license from City Hall before they close at 15.45 on the same day. Question is will we make it time as we know we need to get through passport control and immigration. Can anyone help! I should also let you know we will be traveling from England.
Thanks Jane

hi just looking for some help....
we will be arriving form montreal airport to lga airport and our connection flight is at jfk airport,can anyone tell me if this is doable in 3 hours ( delay between flights) and also perhaps i could send my suite cases ahead of time but directly to jfk.

Hi we are travelling to bermuda via JFK do we clear immigration in new york or in Bermuda and do we have to claim our bags or do they go straight to our desination?

Hi, my friends and I are traveling from NY to Amsterdam, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what exactly we should have with us~ do we need certain things to leave US from NY and do we need certain forms to enter Amsterdam? I have been looking into this a lot but I would like to hear from someone who could tell me in more detail~ we already have passports, no visas bc its just a short trip, and I read that I dont need any immunizations for Netherlands but may want to go ahead and get yellow fever, but this is all i know so if i am missing something important.... PLEASE HELP! thanks so much!

You will need your passport. Before you land in Amsterdam the flight atendant will hand out cards for you to fill out, documenting what your travel plans are. You will hand that document and your passport to the immigration person. There is no reason, in my opinion, to get Yellow Fever vaccine. I went to Kenya and didn't need to get it. I think it would be a waste of money.


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