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How long take greencard holder to pass through

the same time as US citizen..

hi my uncle came from bangladesh with kuwait airways and when he landed in jfk my father was waiting for him but he came out of the airport and was in a taxi to go to our house and he has a passport and he is not a citezen of america he is a immigrant so he will be getting a green card. so if you get lost who do you cntact if they get lost? and he dose not now how to speak english just a little bit

How can I find out if or why someone is held up in customs coming from Summerset England? They do not have a US citizenship but in the process of moving back to the states after 6 years abroad.


Is it possible to transfer throu US without a visa??? (im a trinidadian citizen but permanent resident i canada)Im only changing flight at JFK, not sataying in the country. Thanksful for quick response :)

My niece ( Pamella Di Palma ) called me last monday morning,and she told me that she was getting on board to Naples,FL.
She should call me right after arriving there, and this not happened. I'm very worried.
Does anybody can help me?

I am a greencard holder. I was treated very bad by immigration officers at JFK airport terminal 7. They were so rude and mean to me and they put wrong information on my customs form to let custom officer to stop me. I think it's illegal for goverment officer to write false information on goverment document. How can I complain about them? I am scared if they messed up my information on my data.

Some Americans forget their ancestors immigrated here too.
And might I add, they are dying away. Children see children, not colored children. That all depends on the "nourishment" they received from their parents. Anyway, call your congressman. Ask them what you need to do.

Stay out of America and you won't have this problem.

"AnonymousUSA", you're a disgrace to the USA ... its YOU who should stay out, and attitudes such as yours which are the reasons we have racism and prejudice continue through the ages. "Stay out of America and you won't have this problem."!? Please ... get a life you coward.

good morning
i am a dual citizen, but my amarican passport just expired a few days ago. may i enter the u.s with my second passport? if not, what would i risk? a fee, being held up or even losing my u.s passport?

thank you for helping!

What other country are you a dual citizen of?
I'm a Spanish and American dual citizen and I went to Spain with my American passport and returned with my American passport, but I was told if you return with your "other country" passport you will need to present proof of being a citizen with that other country (whether it be the passport, the resident card, etc) I was also told by a family friend (who worked for Iberia) that the American government may stop you and tell you to choose between being American or "other country". I suggest you renew your American passport as soon as possible to avoid any problems at the airport. I also suggest if you are using your "other country" passport to only use it within the country/continent (IE: from Madrid to Rome, Madrid to Barcelona, etc) Also, when you go to renew your passport as them what they suggest.

I hope I was able to help you a bit, let me know any other information you may find out :)

Please let me know which terminal is assigned for visa waiver program what the checking procedures are and where and when (for e.g. before flying to the US or at the US airport upon arrival)I can get the green I94W form.

A friend of mine took a similar flight and she had to go through immigration at jfk. And 75 min is cutting it close, but the plane may actually wait for you, if you're late (unless you're badly held up), since they have info on you. If you're flying out from the same terminal, you should be fine.


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