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My daughter arrives on Virgin Atlantic from the UK how long should I allow for clearing through to Immigration and Customs for an flight to San Francisco on Delta so I can book her ongoing flight.

I wil be arriving at terminal 8 frm london at JFK my next flight to CMH is frm the same terminal, but there is just 75mins gap. Is it possible to clear my immigration and customs in dat time nd catch my flight...

hi i m coming to jfk via etihad airways with onward code share flight to california via AA. my luggage will be booked till california. do i still have to collect my luggage for customs at jfk or not

You do have to collect your bags in order to pass US customs. Then recheck them in with the airline.

Hello, my mom has arrived in NY at JFK. She didn't get the visa to enter the US. How can I get in touch with her?

Is there anyway of contacting a customer help desk via the internet, My friend is stranded after missing there connecting flight to Dublin ireland with no cell phone so we have no way of contacting him, can we get him paged or anything, hes there now?

Which airline he will be flying on?

Hi, I'll be travelling to JFK from abroad. Is there any cellphone sim card to buy at JFK? Thanks


First time visitors come in USA and they are landing on JFK terminal 4,NY. And they have connecting flight from JFK terminal 3,NY. so my question is "do they will get any help from local authorities?" If "yes", how can they reach local authorities? Because my concern is they don't miss their connecting flight. for this if i have to talk or any other procedure let me know.


How long is their time frame between the flights? What airlines/flights are they flying on? Are they green card holders?

Thanks for replying, But they are not green card holder they have 3 hours time between the connecting flights. there connecting flight is delta for Detroit. so still they get help from local authorities. If yes let me know the procedure, Thanks.

Let them check with Delta after they land - the flight to Detroit sometimes departs out of T4.
There is not that much help offered by "local authorities" at JFK. Let your parents ask anybody with a uniform and ID for help - they won't be turned down.

My boss is coming to NY next week. How does she go from the Sheraton New York Towers & Hotel to JFK?

mother and child with different passports

Mother with american passport, child (2 years) with foreign passport (not american citizen). Are there special papers to fill in? I expect the mother and child to go through the control for american citizens together.

Go to the same line - the immigration officers will take care of everything(papers,etc.). It will be a little bit lengthy process.


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