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Hello I am supposed to fly from Budapest to JFK and then to Denver, Is 2 hours and 50 minutes enough to make it to connection flight? thanks

It looks like you should have enough time.

I AM TRAVELLING FROM JOHNAESSBURG INTERNATIONAL TO JFK Kenneddy airport. i WILL HAVE TO CLEAR IMMIGRANTION THERE. I THEN BORED A FLIGHT FROM jfk TO San Diego. Land at JFK AT 6.40AM and then board again at 8.38 am. Is this enough time. What terminal is Jet Blue airlines on?

Yes you shouuld have enought time. Jetblue departs and arrives from terminal 5.

i'm not from usa i just came for vacation as tourism and i bought many things during shopping , is there a place that i cant put all the receipts and taxes that i paid in order to reimberse the taxes paid to me again ?
i did this is frankfurt

Nope. I am afraid not.

Hi. I am arriving at 11:21 pm on Dec 22 and I have 5 hour wait time till the next flight. I already know the city so I wonder if I can stay the entire night waiting my next flight at the airport.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Use 24/7 terminal 4 for all night service.

I arrive to terminal 1 at 9 pm and to go terminal 8 for the flight at 10.30pm.

Do you think 1 hour 30 min would be enough to go through border and customs?

How long it takes from term 1 to term 8?

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

It will be tight but yes you do have some time to make it.

I am travelling from frankfurt to raleigh and have a transit flight at JFK there is a 7 hour wait time till the next flight

so can I go out and see the new york city in that time
do I need to any clearance from the customs

please reply

Once you clear customs/immigration when you arrive from Frankfurt you are free to leave the airport. You should have time to sightsee in Manhattan. Terminal 1, 4 and 8 have luggage storage facilities so you can store at the airport. Be sure to be back at JFK two hours before your departure to Raleigh.

I'm an italian citizen. I'll arrive to JFK with Delta from Montreal at 9 a.m. then my flight back to Rome is always with Delta at 7 p.m.
I was wondering if I can take my luggage and go after customs and immigration, then leave them to the Luggage Storage. That's because I'd really like to go for a couple of hours to NYC instead of waiting in the airport. What do you think?
Thank you!

You can leave your bags at the baggage storage at Terminal3(Area B). You do not clear customs and immigration when you arrive from Montreal and when you are flying to Rome.

Hi, I'm a US citizen and will be flying to Brazil this Friday evening. I'll be taking 2 laptop computers with me (1 for personal use and 1 for work). I was told that if I might have problems going through customs in Brazil if they inspect my luggage and find 2 computers. I might be charged a large fee there since I was told people are only allowed to bring into Brazil US$500 worth of electronics bought here in the States. Someone told me there's a way for me to register my 2 laptops (fill out a customs form I can show I own the 2 computers) somewhere at JFK before I board the plane so if I'm stopped at Customs in Brazil I won't be subjected to any fees there. Where at JFK should I go to do that? Is there a customs office at JFK that could help me out with this??
I appreciate any help I can get!
Thank you!


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