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<strong>Clear Lanes Are No Longer Available.</strong>

At 11:00 p.m. PST on June 22, 2009, Clear ceased operations. Clear’s parent company, Verified Identity Pass, Inc., was unable to negotiate an agreement with its senior creditor to continue operations. Verified Identity Pass regrets that Clear will not be able to continue operations.




Yes you will clear security prior to your second flight.
Von Hagen

Im coming from Poland to Pittsburgh with four hour stop in JFK Airport. Is it possible to send my luggage straight to the plane to Pittsburgh and go to the center for two hours to see monument or is it necessary to stay at the airport and take my luggage for control or check to immigration office?

Marta you will need to recheck your bags after clearing customs at JFK for your second flight.

Hi! I am going to visit USA for 2 weeks. I have already spent more than 2 500$ staying in Baku. Have you got refund tax system in USA for tourists?



Its been discontinued years ago unfortunately.

Hi my friend lives in Costa Rica and wants to visit me in NY. She has a passport and visa from Hong Kong. Her visa is a business/tourist. All are valid. The only thing I'm concerned with is her - ex tore the first page of the passport. It's not torn across the page, but rather down the binding in the middle. So its not completely out of the booklet. She wants to book travel in the next few days. I was told that as long as the page hasnt left the book and it is able to be scanned, she should have no problems. Can you please help us? Thanks in advance....TGM

As long as officials can read her information she should be fine.

My flight from HKG to JFK will be arrive at 20.05, I have 2 hours and 50 min to clear immigration and pick up luggage to connect to BOS. Can anyone show me the way to connect from CX840, terminal 7 to JetBlue 1018 ? Is Jetblue operates at terminal 5 at this moment ? Many thanks.

Once you clear Customs and Immigration take an air train on track 2 to terminal 5 jet blue and clear security there.

Is there a global entry kiosk in terminal 8. We are arriving internationally and connecting domestically. Arrive terminal 8 leave terminal 4. We have 21/2 hours. With global entry, enough time?

You are good.

I am arriving in LA in 2 weeks time on Qantas and fly straight trough to JFK. I don't know where my port of entry actually is but think it might be JFK since I can't imagine they would take my luggage off the plane & then put it back on again. My worry is, if I have to go trough customs in JFK will the 2 hrs I have be enough as I have to be to CT Limo (in the same Terminal I believe) to catch a lift to Hartford CT?

You should be OK.

Hi. My parents will be visiting the states, portland oregon to be exact, from London. There will be there for a couple of weeks. On their way back they have a long lay over of 14hrs at JFK before they depart for London and they would like to tour New york in the time they have. Neither of them have been to New York so they are a little worried about going on their own into the city. I was wondering is there a facility at the airport that can assist tourist by taking them around town and then back to the airport in time for their check in i.e. 9pm. They arrive at JFK at 6:30 am and departure time is 11pm. If there is such a service how much will it cost?

No there is not.


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