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I am arriving from Hong Kong to JFK via Cathay Pacific and will be having a flight to MIAMI Florida via AMERICAN AIRLINES

Will my bags go directly to MIAMI?
If not will I pick up my bags and clear custom?
If yes where will I check-in my baggages again?

Help is much appreciated I'm leaving tomorrow

You will pick up your bags and recheck them through Customs. You will recheck your bags with AA.

I connect in JFK from RDU final destination is Rome, will i have to go through security again at JFK to check into my flight to rome. Arrival flight is on American, and departure flight is alitalia

Yes you will need to clear security again at Terminal 1 before boarding plane Al Italina to Rome.

My wife and two kids 4& 2 years old will arive to JFk airport from damascus-cairo Jfk and the have another connection flight thier flight from Cairo will arive at 3.15 and thier connection flight will be at 5.15
1- Is that time between the two flight enough ?
2- Can My wife have any help for example some body meet here at the Check out baggage to the new flight?
Thanks in Advanced

Yes and Yes.

Hi, I might travel from Prague to San Antonio by Delta flights with a transfer in JFK. Delta uses terminal only 3. I have some questions: Where will I talk to an immigration officer and clear customs? In JFK or in San Antonio? And is 90 minutes enough time for a transfer if I will talk to an imigration officer and clear customs in JFK? Thanks for reply.

Delta also uses terminal 4 so from now on you may clear Customs and Immigration at terminal 2/3 and 4. You will clear that at JFK. 90 minutes is very tight but you should be an OK shape as long as your first flight is on time.

I m arriving from Dubai by Emirates at T4 and after 2 hours I have flight by delta from T3 to Toronto. I have 2 questions 1) Is the 2 hour time is enought for a transfer 2) Do i need to pass through US Airport customs because my ultimate destination is Toronto. Thanks in advance for your guidance

1.Yes it is.
2. You will clear Customs in the US.

My father will be arriving to JFK via Toronto and moving on to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, does he need some sort of visa as he'll be in transit for only 2 hours in JFK, appreciate it.

He needs visa even if he is transiting through the US.

On nov 26-th, my mom is coming to visit us. The company she is flying with is Malev. I checked and i know the arrival is at terminal 3. What she has to do next to get to the waiting area? She doesnt speak any english so i have to write her all the directions. Please help!

She will clear Customs and Immigration and then she will exit into the terminal.

Hi Coming from Halifax, NS Canada to Miami, but i have a stop at JFK...will i have to go through security and checking bags again or will they be send to the plane (its with AA, i dont change companies)


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