There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444



Hello. Could you please answer the following questions:
I am arriving to JFK from Moscow (Russia) by SU0315 (Aeroflot) at 6:30 pm and I have to immediately take Delta flight 6169 to Washington DC which leaves at 8:30 pm. How can I get a fast connection not to be late for my Delta flight? Which terminal do I arrive at and from which terminal will I leave? What is the fastest way to get from one terminal to the other one? Where and at what stage will I have to get my checked in baggage?

Thank you for your help


I am flying with El Al to JFK from Tel Aviv and have a transit flight to Logan (Boston) with Continental. I wanted to know how far are the two gates (and how problematic would it be do do it the the laguage) - arrival from Tel Aviv with El Al and departure to Logan with Cintinental.


i am flying to orlando from jfk which terminal do i fly from ?

Airline??? something you left out which is important.


they are two separates Baggage Area for the Domestic and the International flights from the Delta Airlines or they are together?

Im forward your answer as soon as possible,


Dear Sirs, I have to come back to my country on July 3rd at 20.50 but I do not know at which terminal going, cause in my ticket it is not indicated. The company is Meridiana-Eurofly: direct flight from JFK to Bologna without any change of flight.

Best regards

Chiara Soffritti

I am flying into JFK on Jet Blue. Then I need to check in for a connecting flight on Delta International. How do I get from Jet Blue to Delta Internationals terminal?

Take the free Airtrain monorail when you exit the terminal.

Passenger deplanes at JFK Terminal 4 (El Al) and needs to connect at Terminal 6 (Jet Blue). Air Train goes opposite direction; how long would it take? Is it walkable? If so, how far? How long?

it is two minutes from one terminal to another so 8 terminals by two minutes about 16-20 minutes

Thank you. Any answers to the questions about walking?

Lost a Panasonic Lumix TZ4 in a black pouch on Sunday June 22nd. I have irreplaceable pictures from a recent family reunion that i could not possibly reproduce. If anyone finds this camera please let me know, thank you so so so much.


My kids, ages 15 and 14 will be arriving at JFK on Delta and need to get to their connecting flight on Delta to Atlanta.

They will have exactly 2 hours.

I am sure this is more than enough time, however I am worried they may not find their way round easily because they do not speak English perfectly.

Does JFK provide assistance to young travelers in such cases?

What terminal does Delta inernation flights from Europe arrive at and what terminal do their flights to Atlanta leave from? What is the fastest/easiest way for the kids to get from point a to point b?

Thank you


I should go on DL10 to Cairo on 06/21/08 .anybody know which terminal has the gate 71A



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