JFK International Airport

Due to, thunderstorms there is a Ground Delay program.
This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes .
  Delays by Destination:
  - Due to other, departure traffic destined to DAL is currently experiencing delays averaging 39 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to YYZ is currently experiencing delays averaging 20 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to LGA is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  - Due to runway construction, departure traffic destined to SFO is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  General Departure Delays:
Because a traffic management program is delaying some arriving flights, departing flight schedules may be affected. Check with your airline to determine if your flight is affected.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Wed May 22 21:40:01 2024 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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Does anyone out there know if JFK Airport has a place to top up a mobile phone? (adding minutes via SIMS card) Let me know. THANKS!!

is there a hotel inside JFK Airport,?

If no , please adv what hotels are the nearest to the airpoirt and provide shuttle after 11pm >?

Thanks for your promt help

The Ramada Plaza Hotel is the only hotel on the airport grounds. If you book through www.expedia.com you can get a special rate of $79 per night

Hi All, anybody know how far is it from holiday inn chelsea 125 west 26th street to JFK is it just a taxi ride if so approx price thanks

Acho um absurdo passar dois dias em um aeroporto como o JFK e não termos ums restaurante ou banheiro para tomar banho. Estou no vôo da Delta 9858 que já foi adiado em dois dias e neste exato momento não temos previsão de saída para SP. Na mesma situação tem passageiras grávidas e crianças de colo. Essa é a satisfação que a Delta Airlines quer.

Dear sirs,

We will arrive at JFK with Delta Airlines 13 March 2008. Can you tell us which is the best (least expensive) way for 4 people to get to the abovementioned hotel 108 West 83rd street Manhattan.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Ad Donkers
[email protected]
The Netherlands

Ga van JFK mat de AIRTRAIN naar Jamica Station en pak dan de metro naar Manhatten, Op Jamaica kun je kaarten genoeg vinden om de juiste metrolijn te pakken zodat het lopen zo kort mogelijk is

We reached at JFK Airport at 13th of August via American Airlines . This was our first viset to United States. I spend a lot of Joy there. JFK Airport is very beautiful and Big Airport
Sir can You tell me some other safe and Good Airlines beside of American Airlines who land at JFK airport
Fahed Ali

Just get a taxi, it will be a flat rate of $45 plus tip as you are going to the Upper West Side. Otherwise it will take you forever to get either a shuttle and subway which end up almost as much in cost, be far more of a hasssle with baggage and take a LOT longer

I want to know. Is there a claok room facility available at the JFK airport where I can keep my luggage for about 10-12 hours.

yes. but I cant remember which terminal it is. and I know its not cheap.

hi, this will be my first time flying with my 2year old daughter. I don't fly very often and we are going to Italy to go see her father who is stationed there. I am flying in from chicago to JFK on March 15th and only have 50 minutes to catch my next flight!! Im worried I wont make it in time. The flight I come in on is Delta and I also go out on Delta again 50min later. I believe I will be in terminal 3. Since its both delta flights will my next flight also be in terminal 3? Even if its a international flight? Will I have to go through security again? Will I have enough time to catch my flight??? I really dont want to be running through the airport trying to juggle my bags and my daughter.
advice please!!!!



I have traveled recently a number of time across the Pacific. I found JFK to be the most confusing, and difficult place to get around. On my last flight from Toronto to JFK, I had to run (literally) to the next terminal and no one was helping me to see if I would be able to make the flight. The signs are confusing. Be prepared for people to be impatient with you and not give you good directions. I have flown domestically and internationally from JFK and I ALWAYS have some sort of problem there. They often have long delays and I have missed multiple flights from taxi-ing on the runway for a couple hours. Now I try to use other airports for connections because its just too difficult.
Airports in Tokyo, Seoul, Detroit, even Toronto are easier than JFK. I think my main problem was with the "service" I got from various people working there. They stand around, making it look like you can ask them something and then they act like they dont have time for you, or that you are interrupting them. There was one lady who was very patient and helpful when I kept getting lost.

As far as I know every time I enter JFK I am forced to collect and then recheck my bags for my next flight. I have always had to re-do security in JFK.

If you do miss your flight, they will likely book you on another flight even before you land. Keep asking the flight attendants. If you arrive in JFK early enough in the day you may get another flight out that day, otherwise you will be forced to pay part of the hotel bill to stay overnight (JFK does have one terminal that is open 24hrs and I stayed there for 16 hrs before, but that would be far too difficult with a child). They have a service available to checking your bags at the airport, for quite a decent fee (read: more than I thought it should be), so that you dont have to carry your bags around.

Flying from Chicago to JFK, and then to Italy, you don't need to go through security again. Only when you are coming from Italy.
Delta is on terminal 3, but terminal 3 have 2 different zones, so It depends which gates you're arriving, and which one is for your departure.
So, I think 50 mins can be enough, if planes are on time. Maybe ask the hostess to a little more help: I know they have small electrical car to go from one side of the gate to the other, so maybe they can provide you one, if your gates are far away.
Hope this can help.


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