JFK International Airport

Due to, thunderstorms there is a Ground Delay program.
This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes .
  Delays by Destination:
  - Due to other, departure traffic destined to DAL is currently experiencing delays averaging 39 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to YYZ is currently experiencing delays averaging 20 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to LGA is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  - Due to runway construction, departure traffic destined to SFO is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  General Departure Delays:
Because a traffic management program is delaying some arriving flights, departing flight schedules may be affected. Check with your airline to determine if your flight is affected.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Wed May 22 21:29:42 2024 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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I am arriving at JFK terminal 4 & departing from terminal 8 could you please tell me if there are shower facilities for ladies at either of these terminals. If so where are they situated.
Your earliest reply would be appreciated.
Regards Sandra

what is the amount of duty free that can be taken from an american airport when travelling home???

Hi, I'm coming to New York for the first time and I'm going to be landing at your airport, but I have to get to the ferry so I can visit a college on Staten Island. What would be the best way for me to get to the ferry without getting lost and without spending tons of money? Thank you so much for your help!

hi i would like to know what i have to do in order to apply for a job at JFK

Dear Officer,

May I request you to page Mrs Madhu Sahni Pax arrived thru AI 101 from India who is travelling to Miami by AA flight no 1165 departing JFK at 0815 hrs and inform her to do select Mobile phone network settings manually. She has to be connected on phone as she is not having the address of her destination. REQUEST PL PAGE HER AND HELP HER TO SELECT THE MOBILE NETWORK MANNUALLY SO THAT HER INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PHONE STARTS WORKING PLEASE AND SHE IS CONVEYED THE ADDRESS>



Is there a play area in JFk airport? I have a stop-over of around 8 hours at JFK and I am travelling with a kid.

Are there any red-eye flights from New York to LA?

Does anyone know if there is an office to get the tax returned if you live in another country and how this process works? Thanks for the help!

hi ..I need info. about what documents do you need if i want to travel from NY to Armenia. .Can you give me any Tel. number or any way to contact someone and ask a few questions. THank You

Hi ....
i have a bit of an inconvience and was wishing if you could help me . My mother is coming from Guatemala to NYC this thursday Feb. 21 , 2008 by the airline taca . our problem is we have not been in contact and we are not sure at what time shes arriving . I would really appreciate if you can help by giving me any advice leading to the time shes arriving. Thank you .

try to search here:


hi, i have to catch a flight from newark delaware to JFK on the 28 Feb. can u pleaase advice me how i can get there with few luggaages.

My husband and I are flying from CVG to JFK and are going to then catch a flight to Tel-Aviv. Our flight to Tel-Aviv leaves JFK at 11:50pm on March 16/08 and arrives back to JFK 6:50 am March 28/08.
What would be your suggested times for our flights to arrive at JFK and to depart from JFK. My husband and I have been disagreeing about this, so I thought I'd go right to the source.
Thank You for your help.

Julie Johnson

we land in jfk at 22.00 on a friday night, at terminal 4 and change airlines to fly out of T8, not checking in until 04.30 on sat morning, Can anyone suggest what might be open in the airport at that time of night, we are a family of 5 so i need to be organised! I don't know whether we will be considered 'in transit' therefore not go through immigration although we change airlines and terminals.
Does anyone know the answers?
Thanks for any help

I am arriving from a Cancun flight at 5:40am at terminal 4. I have my connecting flight at terminal 6 at 6:45am.
Is that enough time to clear customs, change terminals within 1 hour?


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