JFK International Airport

Due to, thunderstorms there is a Ground Delay program.
This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes .
  Delays by Destination:
  - Due to other, departure traffic destined to DAL is currently experiencing delays averaging 39 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to YYZ is currently experiencing delays averaging 20 minutes.
  - Due to thunderstorms, departure traffic destined to LGA is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  - Due to runway construction, departure traffic destined to SFO is currently experiencing delays averaging 36 minutes.
  General Departure Delays:
Because a traffic management program is delaying some arriving flights, departing flight schedules may be affected. Check with your airline to determine if your flight is affected.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Wed May 22 21:19:39 2024 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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I'm surfing around this site for a while and have no idea where to find the Exchange rate online...
Could anybody tell me where to go on this site?
I just wanna compare the THB-USD rate in Thailand and overthere..


You can have an idea of the rate here:


About where is better to change the currency, no clue.
It depends: if it's a "commission free" office, they're using a disadvantageous(for you) exchange rate.
If they're using the official exchange rate, than they have for sure some commission.
My suggestion is to change before to start, or just at the arrival, at the airport, a small amount, like 100/150 $, and then have a look around to see where is the most favourable exchange office

did you get any info on this one? I need to know the same thing. Should I exchange $ for Euro at the aiport here or in Paris? Anybody know?

How much time do i need to get from terminal 6 to terminal 4???

hop on the "air train" .. umm no more than 5-10 minutes..

Does anyone know if JFK airport has curbside service for luggage like LaGuardia does?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to see about setting up some assistance for an elderly woman departing this week. I was looking to see if I could arrainge for wheel chair and attendant to help her when she was dropped off at curbside all the way to the gate- (thru security etc.)she has limited mobility and needs assistance I figuered the baggage services are contracted out and don't know who to try and call. Any help is much appreciated, thanx, Jeff

when you arrive at any terminal notify staff of your situation theyll be glad to help you. all airlines have wheelchairs and accesible routes on hand soon as you arrive.

Hello, Had the plane NY-Kiev(Delta Airlines) flew away?

I use a power wheelchair. Do I need to check it in as a lugage? Does it count as 1 piece of luguage? Can I check it in at the gate or it has to be at the checkin place? Any limitaions of wheelchair battery?

We are arriving at JFK around 11:30 am on a WEds and then leaving the same day at 5:00. Is that enough time to get outside the airport and see anything? I was hoping to see the Statue of Liberty (not up close, in the distance would be fine with me). I am not familiar with how close/far anything is from the airport. Could anyone offer suggestions of something close for this amount of time? Thanks in advance!

What is the cut off time for check-in on flight 1165?

Im will be taking a flight to Jamaica and need to know if I should exchange currency. If so, does JFK have an exchange bank? I have never done this before, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Does anyone know if there is a computer shop in the airport where notebooks can be bought? Do you have the shop's website or telephone number?

There is a BestBuy not too far from the airport (maybe 6 miles). You'd be better off ordering online and they will have it ready for pickup (bestbuy.com) and then hopping in a taxi (it will be a $10 cab ride).


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