JFK International Airport

  Delays by Destination:
No destination-specific delays are being reported
  General Departure Delays:
Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Fri Apr 23 13:30:02 2021 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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JFK Airport Lost & Found

JFK Airport Parking - You can use two types of parking: JFK Long Term Parking or Daily Parking in the Central Terminal Area more

JFK Car Rental - Each terminal have rental car counter or courtesy telephones. Car rental companies that operate at airport are: Avis, Budget, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz more

Kennedy Airport Terminals - There are 8 operating terminals ...

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are the directions to get to the long term lot the same as the airport itself?

when is the next flight from boston to jfk on delta?

Early in March, I had bad food poisoning after eating noodle soup at the Chinese food place at the food court. The food wasn't hot enough when I got my food. The airport authority should make strong guidelines regarding food safety in the airport.

My 82 year old mother will travel to JFK from Ireland in the next few weeks. While she is very able bodied, she will require assistance from the time the flight arrives at JFK until she boards a bus for Hartford, CT. as her eye sight is not great. Is there such a service? For example in Dublin Airport one can avail of the Airport 'Genie'. Thanks for your help in advance

You may want to check with the airline she is traveling on. Most airlines offer ground assistance services for special needs passengers such as children traveling alone or elderly passengers.

Nope there is no such service.

Hi, I have a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to JFK, arriving there at 3.00pm. I'll be taking a flight down to Norfolk, VA, at 4.30pm, but it's not a connected flight, so I can't check in for the final destination in Frankfurt. Are there check-in boxes and if so, how does the process work? Do I get a marking slip for my suitcase as well as my boarding pass? Please help. Thanks!

Is there any service interuptions for airtrain i see that it is only operating from 9PM to 7AM, is this correct? Will I be fine taking the air train at 3PM on Thursday?

Keys29201 - I have a ticket purchased to connect thru JFK on Delta, flying in from Milan, connecting to Atlanta.
My plans have changed and Delta wants a fortune to change my ticket to go to Washington Dulles.
I can get a cheap oneway on Jet Blue from JFK to Dulles. When I get to JFK, can I take my checked bag tag that reads atlanta, assuming I cannot convince the guys in Milan to only check it as far as JFK, and exit the terminal and go check in with Jetblue as if I am originating there? Or are there restrictions on leaving the customs area? I know some airport require you to recheck bags to send to the baggage claim area, even if you are ending at that destination.

Hi, I will arrive to Terminal 8 with AA flight (from Italy) at 13.40 pm. and my connecting flight to Los Angeles leaves from the same Terminal 8 at 15.35 pm.

Can I help myself to save time by having luggage so I shouldn't wait for it and then check-in? Or it doesn't take much time usually?

Thank you in advance!

Read my previous response.

Hello. My party of 3 is arriving at JFK at 9:15pm. What is the best and cheaper way to get to Hilton Newark Penn Station Hotel? How much will a taxi cost? Thank you.

Hi, i'm flying delta on April 20th from BOS to JFK flight DL 2857 and then connecting to another Delta flight DL 246 JFK to FCO. I have a 2.5 hour layover, will my BOS flight be arriving in the same terminal I depart to FCO in? Will I need to collect my luggage and recheck or will it go straight through since both flights are on one reservation. Thanks for your help

No your bags should be clipped to your final destination. Check with that in Boston before you leave.


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