Terminal 3


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 3 (gates 1-17)

Airlines IATA Code Phone Numbers
Delta DL Dom (800) 221-1212;
Int'l (800) 241-4141 
Delta Connection DL (800) 325-5205 
US Helicopter UH (877) 262-7676 

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Yang Hu (not verified)

I will fly to JFK on July 6th from Beijing. I will take China Airline and will arrive at terminal one at about 2:20 pm that day. I booked a DELTA flight from JFK to Pittsburgh (DL447) and will take off at 3:32 pm that day. Which terminal will that flight be harbored? and how can I get there fast enough to catch the flight?

Jeremy (not verified)


I am flying from MIA to JFK and catching a connecting flight on SU 103 to SVO.

I arrive in JFK at 3:10 and I leave JFK on Flight # SU 103 at 7:10.

Can you tell me what terminals these what terminals I will arrive at from MIA, I think Terminal 4; but what terminal will I leave from for flight SU 103 to SVO?

Thank-You in advance,

Jeremy Mitchell


I am supposed to arrive from Moscow on Delta flight 31 on May 10 2013, will it still be arriving at Terminal 3 or will it have been transferred to Terminal 4 yet? Also, from which terminal do the Pinnacle connectors to Charlotte depart from?

Fredrik (not verified)

We will arrive at JFK terminal 3
from Paris, with DL185 and our connecting flight, from terminal 3, to Orlando leaves 1h35minutes later. Will there be enough time?

AKA (not verified)

Flying in on Delta from MXP, Italy. I have a 3 hour layover. Once I clear customs, which terminal will I be in and where is the closest exit to smoke?

ValerieC (not verified)

yESTERDAY , Delta flight from Boston arrived to JFK to connect to AN AEROMEXICO FLIGHT and the luggage did not make it through to Mexico. I need help to track it.

T3 Conflict (not verified)

i have a passenger coming in at Terminal 3, Gate 23...i dont see a gate 23 listed for terminal 3. I need to pick up this passenger at gate for medical reasons...can you please provide insight where gate 23 is...

Stefo (not verified)

Hello, Im arriving at JFK terminal 7 and planning on meeting my brother who is arriving at terminal 3... where would be the best and safest place for us to meet at terminal 3?


In the arrivals hall of terminal 3 by the Welcome Center.

ET (not verified)

Am flying to Haiti on Delta Flight 699 on Dec. 31st and need to know which terminal to report to.


T 3.

Fishtank (not verified)

which terminal is delta air departing from?
my flight number is DL 173 to NARITA, TOKYO from JFK.
Depart 23 Dec 2013, 1245pm.
my e ticket says terminal 3 but delta air iphone app & their online website says terminal 4.
please help! tried calling delta air hotline but line was busy.


It is terminal 4.


Hi! Which Terminal does Delta 31 arrive at? I'm trying to figure out how to get from that Terminal to the one from where Delta 4277 departs. Thanks!


Terminal 2/3.

Julia0001 (not verified)

Hi, I'll arrive Terminal 1 this Sun, and my husband will arrive Terminal 3 from Tokyo around the same time. Could the passenger meet together on the Homeland Security check queue from different terminal? Or each terminal will have its seperate Homeland Security check and we only meet each other outside the airport?


See my previous response please.

Caligirl (not verified)

I'm looking at a flight landing in T3 (Delta) but the next flight in in T8 (AirBerlin). The time in between flights is 2h30m. Is there enough time to make this connection. How difficult is it to maneuver? A group of 6 so lots of luggage will be involved. This will be in May, the Friday before Memorial day.


It should be an easy task especially going on an air train. You have enough time.

Juls (not verified)

I will be flying through JFK on Wednesday 12/12 on my way to Germany and picking up a dog for transport in JFK. Could you please help me by answering some quetsions I have?
My first flight is coming from CVG in KY with Delta, flight#DL6279.
- Which Terminal will I be arriving at?
In JFK I will be meeting with the foster of the dog I will I am volunteering to accompany to Berlin.
My second flight will be with Air Berlin from Terminal 8.
- Which would be the best point to meet the foster and hand over the dog for check-in? We have all required paperwork and the dog is already booked with Air Berlin to fly in hold?
- Can you please help by letting me know if I need to notify any airport authorities up front?
- Will it be a problem to pick up the dog outside of the terminal I arrive and then go through security again and check her in at Terminal 8?
I would just like to make sure this will go over as smooth as possible! Thank you so very much!!!


i'll be arriving from spain on dl 163 @ 12.45pm and then leave for orlando on dl 4 @ 3.40pm. do i clear US immigration in JFK or MCO? i hold a british passport and have ESTDA clearance. do i have enough time?

on my return journey i arrive at JFK on dl 1958 @ 2.50 pm and onwards to spain on dl 162 @ 5pm. again, is there enough time to connect flights, and can i through check my luggage


You have time on both flights. You clear immigration and customs at JFK airport.

Daniel Domenech (not verified)

I will arrive from Chicago DL 3371 at 18:22h at Terminal 2 and I take the flight to Barcelona from terminal 3 at 19:35 h. Would be enought in 1h and 10 min to connetct the flights? Thanks.



LBMG (not verified)

Hi, I arrive from Miami at Terminal 3 and my connection flight to London is at Terminal 2. I'm not US citizen and I have only 55min for connection. Is enough?
Thank you very much,


You may not make it; it is just not enough time.

Stef (not verified)

I will be flying to JFK from Montréal YUL on December 17, arriving at 6:45pm and my next flight is at 7:40pm Delta Airlines to Frankfurt FRA. I don't have to change Terminals. Will i have enough time to transfer? Thanks!


Probably not. Terminal 2 and 3 are connected so you won't have to take transportation to transfer terminals but customs can take up to one hour.

Delta Passenger (not verified)

If your inbound flight from Miami is on time, you will have enough time. You don't go through US customs on the way to London and all the gates in T2 and T3 are "behind" security.

ckn-ny (not verified)

Was wondering if it is a long walk from parking area to terminal 3
Like 2 min ?


It is a short walk of 2 minutes.

yen (not verified)

I will be flying to JFK from Ohare on sept 13,arriving at 9:01pm and my next flight is at 11:40pm qatar airways to Doha. Will i have enough time to transfer? Thanks!



Avril Taylor (not verified)

My flight lands in T3 at 05:20 on 8th September from PDX. I need to get to T7 for 08:00 to catch BA0178 flight. Do i have enough time to get there? i need to check in a bag as well.


Yes you have plenty of time.

steph readiing (not verified)

I fly from LHR with delta to terminal 3 at JFK i have 1hr and 45mins layover before my flight to LAX in terminal 2 with delta also, do i have enough time to collect my luggage and go through customs. thanks in advance


Yes you have enough time to do all that.

Trauma (not verified)

Wanted to surprise my girlfriend and meet her at the airport. She is arriving at terminal 3 and on an international flight and will have to go through customs. I want to meet her as she exits customs/ticketed passenger area. Where do I wait?


Right outside the exit.



I had an emergency before flying on KL #6005, in which my sister was driving my car while I had the keys in my hand on the plane. One of the flight assistants helped me and told me that the key will be left in Delta Terminal 3 with a red cap name Serrano. My sister was to pick up the key, however, never made it. I do not have the person's contact info, but they have her information. If someone can please provide me a number so I can make arrangements to meet the person it would be greatly appreciated. The car can not be turned back on without this key!

Thank you!
Jenna P.

Charles spinosa (not verified)

Hello, I need help, the point is: I need yo park in the green parking this saturday and I want to localize it in my gps, what can I localize this parking lot in my gps?.
Thank you about any help

b grabel (not verified)

i left my cell phone on a flight from jfk to nice; france

i alerted security but they couldnt find it. the phone is on the plane back to jfk on delta flight 83 or AFrance flight 8702

i was sitting in row 30 the bulkhead the phone is in the third magazine compartment for the middle three seats

who can i call to get it back? please help, i am over here for two weeks and must get the phone to my parents to fedex to me

thank you


I would be travelling from Pittsburgh to JFK and landing in terminal 3 (delta). From there I need to travel to Terminal 4 where my wife would be arriving from India (by Emirates)with our baby. Since I would am planning to help her with the luggage from the belt etc, how can I do that (I was flying domestic and she international). I guess that bag collection is between the homeland security (where the I-94 is stamped) and the Customs desk ... Can I get past the customs desk and help her with the luggage .. We then would be going to Term 5 to travel together to pittsburgh. Pls advise ..


No you cant.


Good Morning,

I am flying from FRA-JFK via DL107 at 1455 and will have one bag. My connecting flight is AA269 at 1830, I assume this is ample time for customs. My main question is, I travelled through MSP this past April and they provided a line for Military members, does JFK have a similar set-up or no?




usaftmomike (not verified)

I am arriving from FRA (@ 1455, DL107) and never been to the JFK airport. I will be arriving via Delta and arriving in Terminal 3. I have a connecting flight on American at 1830, I assume this is ample time for connection. As for customs, is there a line dedicated for Military members at all? I am curious as they have one available at MSP.


JWillson (not verified)

I will be arriving into JFK at 3:13pm in terminal 4 and making a connection to Moscow at 4:10pm in terminal 3. Will there be enough time to get through customs and immigration to make my connecting flight?


One hour is not enough time.


I have a flight form FCO to LAS via JFK with DELTA. I will arrive to JFK terminal 3 at 5.00pm and the next flight to Las Vegas is at the gate number 29 of the same terminal on my ticket ( I guess is the terminal 2) at 6.45pm. Do I have to pass through immigration, custom, an take my luggage? or my luggage will pass the security screen without me? Do you think I have enough time? Do I have to pass also through security? If yes how many times? sorry for all my questions but I`m traveling alone. In case I will not catch the flight, will Delta help me finding another flight? All my questions considering that I will travel on august 6 which is a monday!
thanks thanks thanks a lot.