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Why isn't it saying that JFK is closed? Are the Jet Blue flights the only ones cancelled? What is going on?!?!?!?!? I was just there and turned away by security saying entire airport closed?

i would like to know the ba 174 and vs 46 are cancelled about the storm

Does anyone know what JetBlue is planning to do with all the people whose flights were canceled today? I presume we will get a refund for our flights, but will we be able to try to fly either later today or tomorrow? Their Web site doesn't say, and neither my confirmation number nor my TrueBlue number even bring up any of my information. So in addition to the canceled flights, the Website isn't functioning properly.

I got a full refund from jetblue. Had to stay on the phone for an hour and a half. No jetblue flights out of JFK or Newark today or tomorrow. :(

Where did you hear JetBlue flights were cancelled for tomorrow? I was just told they are still fine.

They will refund your ticket what you already paid and then your on your own or you'll have to get them to book you on the next available flight on Jet Blue.

you need to call jet blue to re-book or get refund. my flight tonight was also cancelled but i re-booked on monday for a flight tomorrow.your trublu number and flight info wont show up as flight was cancelled.very helpful customer service but be prepared to wait as i was on the phone for about 90 minutes. be patient and just stay on hold... someone will get to you. good luck

My sister just called me from JFK telling me that for today and tomorrow all flights are cancelled. Can anybody confirm this? This website doesnt show any delays so far.
She urgently needs to get to Costa Rica. What is the nearest airpot which is still open? Any suggestions which alternative flight route she could take?
Thanks, Jonas

You have to go to the web sites of the other terminals to see what has been cancelled

The airport is not closed, there are flights arriving and departing. You can also check another site for terminal 4

I was just there at terminal 5. Told by security to go back, airport closed. What is going on!

Has this flight #209 to Long Beach, California been canceled? Anyone know?

We just got an automated call from Jetblue that our reservation for this flight #209 has been canceled. Has this flight been canceled? Anyone know?

Just leaving JB terminal. Told airport closed. This site is a joke. I see no planes landing or taking off nothing even taxi-ing. What time did you get JB call?

We are arriving at JFk Terminal 7 Thursday evening 7pm and have approximately 4 suitcases and 3 hand luggage cases. What is the easiest way to get to 34th Street with all this luggage.

Take the express bus to penn station, although i don't know if they are running today.

Any details on this flight to London today ?

most BA and AF flights to JFK are cancelled today due to snow forecast

Hi, I'm another person wanting to know about BA0178, please advise. Is it affected by the weather?

you should check www.ba.com - they have listed the cancelled flights, look for weather disruption on US east coast.

What about flights out of JFK and into London? BA says this is still going ahead!?!

Expedia says that they ahve canceled my AA flight from Vegas to JFK tomorrow however JFK is still open....can any one advice what is going on? Thanks

I have a 2 1/2 hour connection time between planes. I arrive at Terminal 7 and leave out of Terminal 2. How do you get from one terminal to the other?

Just follow the signs in terminal 7 to the Airtrain. Then take the "all terminals" train to the terminal 2/3 stop. You can always ask people at the airport to point you in the right direction.

There is a shuttle train between terminals. You want the train that just circles the terminals and not the one that goes out of the airport, They are on opposite sides of the same platform.

Hi, I've a stop of 9 hrs in Jfk during my trip from San Francisco to Rome. Does anybody know if I can leave the airport and go to the city during the stop? I'm italian and I travel under Visa Waiver Program. Thanks

You can leave the airport without a problem. When the first part is domestic, there is no problem leaving the airport as you've already passed customs when entering the country. 9 hours is not a lot of time, as it takes about 45 minutes to get to the city center using the AirTrain - LIRR connection (take the Airtrain to Jamaica station and then the LIRR from Jamaica to Penn Station). You can see Midtown (Times Square, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, etc) in that time.

9 hours isnt really enough time to go into the city... we are supposed to get really bad weather tomorrow also... not a good idea. But other than that yes you can leave the airport to go into the city because you arealready in the counrty and do not have to go through customs again.

Arriving from Europe at 22:35hrs I have a 'connecting' flight to San Frnacisco only at 07:05hrs. Could anyone tell me where we can find a place to sleep. We are a family of 4.

Are there delays/cancelations expected for outgoing flights tomorrow night because of the approaching snow storm? Is it usually possible to reschedule ahead of time?

WE are flying out of JFK to France-7PM flight. Looks like we're scheduled to leave in the middle of a blizzard. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it likely we will get out at all on Wednesday night? Will the airline website advise us whether we should even try to come to the airport? Do they ever just cancel the flight and reschedule it for the next day? Thanks!

the airlines will most likely cancel the flights ahead of time before you arrive to the airport. My friend is suppose to leave out of JFK tomorrow at 6am and Delta has already cancelled their flight.

If they cancel your flight, the airline can re-book you on another flight but you have to wait until they cancel your flight first.

I'm suppose to leave to Barcelona tomorrow at 7pm and have not received any cancellation notices yet.

I was suppose to leave out of JFK at 8:40am, and American Airlines cancelled my flight yesterday. If you go to this site www.panynj.gov/airports/flight-status.html?view=&apt=ewr, it has a list of all the flights scheduled and cancelled in the NYC area. Good Luck!

we r leaving from terminal 7 jfk airport to london is there any problem about the storm snow??

we are on the same flight...i hope taht we will be able to leave before storms really hits...

hey, i am a student coming over to New York for a few weeks and i am on a budget so trying to waste too much money on taxis and such like. is there any public transport that takes for New york John F Kennedy airport to Manhattan or around Loews Regency Hotel? thanks so much for any help, Danni.

Take the Air Train (sings everywhere in the airport) direction Jamaica Station. At Jamaica Station take the elevators to get downstairs to the Subway station. Once there take the "E" subway direction Manhattan/ World Trade Center. Ask at the subway booth where you should get off or transfer subways. You buy the ticket for the Air Train once you GET OFF the train at the Jamaica station. Price Air Train: $7. You can buy at the same time the subway ticket $2.25 per ride. Good luck!

Take the quick and easy AirTrain. Begin by walking

Go to JFK Terminal 5-6 Station (takes about 7 mins)

Light rail- AirTrain - Jamaica Station - JFK Airport - Direction: Jamaica
Service runs every 10 mins

Leave from JFK Terminal 5-6 Station

Arrive at Jamaica Station - Sutphin Boulevard

Subway - E - Direction: World Trade Center Station
18 mins to make transfer
Service run by NYC Transit

Leave from Sutphin Blvd - Archer Ave Station

Arrive at Queens Plaza Station

Subway - R - Direction: 95th St - Bay Ridge Station
1 min to make transfer

Leave from Queens Plaza Station

Arrive at Lexington Ave - 59th St Station


Go to 540 Park Avenue (takes about 3 mins)

Take the SkyTrain to the subway station, then take a train into Manhattan. It'll take longer, but it'll cost hardly anything!

My aunt is an old,handicapped lady, using a walker to move around.
She's coming on a flight from Florida and needs help in moving the luggage, pass customs and get to the flight in another terminal.
What service exists in JFK for people like her?

Whenever I travel with my Mom who is 89 years old and walks slowly with a cane, I tell the stewardess when I get on the plane that I will need a wheelchair when we arrive at the designated airport. They have a person waiting that will push her in the wheelchair to where ever we need to go. You just tip the person pushing the chair. The same goes for when you arrive at the airport there are wheelchairs and people that will push them in the main terminal where you check in. They will take you through security and to your gate.

You need to make the wheelchair accomidations ahead of time. If you call your airline you can let them know ahead of time that you need wheelchair assistance. When you arrive at the airport make sure you check in and verify that you have wheelchair assistance booked for your entire trip. You can ask the flight attendants to make sure it is on the paperwork for your arrival city. But please, coming from a flight attendant, do not just assume that by asking us that it will be taken care of for your whole trip. It really needs to be added on, BEFORE you fly, to your reservation.

Can someone please help. I want to get to the Hilton Garden Inn 63 West 35th Street from JFK airport. How do I do this? Can I get a an Air train and subway. What am I looking for and How do I get there.


Get the Air Train to Jamaica station and from there the "E" line subway Manhattan direction. Get off at 34th Street/ Penn Station.

go to hopstop and get directions. you need to know the bourough your hotel is in but that website will give you very clear directions on how to get to your destination from the airport. Good luck!

You can get to your hotel via airtrain and subway--you'll get off the subway at 32nd st. and walk a quick couple of blocks. A great tool is www.hopstop.com, will show you exactly what to do/what trains to take.

You might also want to consider a Super Shuttle van. It's about $15 one way, it's door-to-door, and if you're lugging any luggage, it's much easier. (If the subways are crowded, it will be hard for you to shove your luggage on--subways are not equipped to handle luggage.)

Cheers and enjoy!

I did this last weekend - really easy.

Take the air train that goes to Federal Circle station (the one I took was described as a "Howard Beach" train) At Federal Circle go down stairs and out the doors. Turn right and follow walkway under tent/awning to where the Hotel Shuttle buses pick up. The Sheraton bus also goes to Hilton Garden (check with driver to be sure) as the hotels are next door to each other.

I have been doing this for several weeks..very easy: Take the JFK Airtrain to Jamaica Station (the station after Federal Circle). Airtrain $5 charge. After going thru the exit go straight to the Long Island Railway door (LIRR) and there is a monitor in front of you. Find next train to Penn Station (every 10 min or so) - it will probably leave from Track 2. $5.75 off peak (4pm till about 8pm) or $8 peak - buy ticket from the machine or pay more on the train. Go all the way to Penn Station. Find the 34th Street/7th Ave exit and go up the escalator and turn right - you will be heading east on 34th...walk 1 long block to Broadway then turn left and go 1 block to 35th. Turn right and you will see your hotel.

is this possible to get from JFK airport terminal 8 to the Park Avenue, Manhattan at Satuday afternoon by using common transport?

go to: http://www.hopstop.com/?city=newyork
It's very useful to get around the city using public transportation.